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Collagen injections are a non-invasive treatment to augment lips, fill depressions, and reduce the appearance of superficial fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is a natural protein that gives your skin its firmness and smoothness. Collagen is well tolerated in most people and there is little downtime after injections.

How collagen treatment is performed

Collagen injections are an in-office treatment. Your doctor will cleanse the injection sites and apply a topical or injected anesthetic. Lip injections can be more painful than facial injections, so your doctor may give you a nerve blocker for your comfort as well. Small amounts of collagen are then injected using a fine needle.

Collagen can be produced from different sources, including human, bovine, or sheep. Your skin care specialist may also do an allergy test to make sure that you can tolerate the type of collagen being used.

Recovery and results

Recovery is mild and you can go back to your regular activities immediately. You may have some swelling after your collagen injections, especially if you have lip injections. Swelling commonly subsides in less than a week. Most people just need one or two treatments and your results should last up to nine months.

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