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Fractora is a non-invasive skin treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, hyper-pigmentation, and scarring. Fractora uses targeted radiofrequency energy to heat and resurface your skin and trigger a rejuvenating healing process. There is little pain during the procedure and minimal downtime.

How Fractora treatment is performed

Fractora is an in-office treatment that takes about 45 minutes to two hours.

The area being treated with Fractora is numbed with an anesthetic cream before the procedure. Fractora uses fractional radiofrequency energy, delivered through tiny pins on a hand held device. The brush-like device creates micro-lesion dots in the sub-dermal skin tissue while leaving tiny spots of untreated skin to help you heal faster. There are no open wounds created. You’ll feel a gentle, pulsed sensation of heat on your skin.

Recovery and results

After treatment you can expect some redness and swelling for three to five days. You can apply makeup after three days. Discomfort is mild and you can return to your regular activities immediately. Fractora usually requires a series of three to six treatments spaced about one month apart for best results.

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