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LATISSE is a prescription treatment that promotes eyelash and eyebrow growth. LATISSE comes in a kit with a liquid dropper and many disposable brushes. It is applied daily along your eyelids, just like you would apply liquid eyeliner. It can also be applied to your eyebrows.

How LATISSE treatment is performed

LATISSE is a prescription medication that is applied at home once per day. Your LATISSE prescription kit comes with a small dropper bottle, like eyedrops, and many disposable applicator brushes. You simply put one drop of LATISSE on a brush and apply it along the edge of your upper eyelid every evening. LATTISE can also be applied to your eyebrows for increased growth as well.


You’ll notice results after about four to eight weeks of treatment. After 16 weeks you should see the full results. After this period you may be able to maintain your results with treatment every other day, but if you stop using LATTISE your eyelashes or eyebrows will return to normal. 

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