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ProFractional Resurfacing

ProFractional is a laser skin resurfacing treatment that improves the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and acne scars. The laser creates pinpoint channels in the surface of your skin that trigger a natural rejuvenation process that firms and tones your skin.

How ProFractional resurfacing is performed

ProFractional resurfacing is an outpatient procedure that takes around 30 minutes. Your skin specialist will apply topical or local anesthetic to numb the treatment area and place protective goggles over your eyes. The laser hand piece is then passed over your skin and you may feel a snapping sensation. The laser makes pinpoint channels in your skin surrounded by untreated areas to promote faster healing.

Recovery and Results

Most people can return to work after one to two days. You’ll notice a fast improvement in your skin, and the results will continue to improve as your skin produces new collagen. ProFractional resurfacing rarely has complications, though you may have some skin redness like a sunburn for a few days, and the laser pattern may be noticeable for one to two weeks as you heal. 

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