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Velasmooth is a cosmetic procedure that treats cellulite head on. Velasmooth is a combination of vacuum suction, mechanical rollers, and heating through infrared light and bipolar RF energy. Getting rid of cellulite and contouring of unwanted lumps, bumps and bulges is the biggest benefit of the Velasmooth procedure. Most patients achieve some reduction in circumferential measurement around treated areas.

Vacuum suctioning and massage from the mechanical rollers pulls circulation into the targeted area for increased oxygen availability, as well as treatment of the tissue for drainage of trapped fluids through the lymphatic system. Heat from infrared light supply and the bi-polar RF is used to penetrate the hypodermis while facilitating the use of energy from adipocytes in this layer.
The use of these stored triglycerides results in the shrinkage of the fat cells and reduces the total volume within the fat chamber. You will not only be able to see results, but you'll notice a significant difference the lumps and bumps, girth measurements, in addition to how clothes look and feel on.

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